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You - The Source - An opportunity to look beyond

Awakening the intelligence of your body.

Today the main cause of our ill health is the stress and strain in our daily life. The reason for all nervous breakdowns is the conflict emerging out of our desires and thoughts. Thought is constantly active, chattering and never remains quiet. As a matter of fact, one can not do anything about it. By controlling or suppressing, you cannot get away from the web of thoughts.
Now, is it possible to just look at the thought, without any kind of comparison, judgment and expectation? Simply look at it and be with it, as if one is witnessing the stage show being a spectator.  J. Krishnamurti has said over and over for 65 years-“The observer is the observed”. The moment you start watching the thought, you realize that the thought gets dissolved in the process. Then, there is a feeling of void and nothingness. And this is the moment of silence. The moment of creativity, The moment of truth. When there is no duality, the body and mind are merged into one. In this total silence there is nothing but feelings alone exist. In fact this is Meditation. Let us explore the possibility of creating the same stillness, quietness and silent state of mind while we are fully awake and aware.
It is only in the stillness of deep silence that thoughts get dissolved. Those are the moments when body and mind are one. That is "YOG". In these moments of silence the senses too quiet and the mind transcends to a higher level of consciousness. That moment there is an emergence of immense energy and compassion. You become closer to nature all through our daily life.
That's why we must allow Nature to let it work on the body. Nature has provided the power and ability within our own body to fight against any disease and get healed. This process of healing takes place while we are in natural sleep.

Why, some people get the blessings of this miracle water, while others don’t?

There are innumerable testimonies around the world, wherein various diseases from common cold to Cancer and from mere allergy to Aids have been cured through urine therapy combined with spiritually set mind.

Start Feeling from the heart.
 Be in touch with your body.
Know your body, know yourself.
You are yet not in contact with your body.
Feel the sensation of what is going on with your body.
Your body is talking to you. Listen to it!
Let your heart, be the root of your body.
This will help to give the oceanic feeling that The One Alone exists in everything.
Many are his forms, including your own Self.

Urine has it's direct connection with the metabolism of the body. The physical system is totally dependent on our condition of mind.
Mind does not fall into purview of laboratory analysis. That's why one cannot scientifically prove the benefits of Urine Therapy, despite the advance technology of modern times.
The trust and faith springs from your own direct experience, which becomes the best evidence and builds up conviction. It does not require any further proof. Because Urine Therapy, always works at the mind level chemically and spiritually.

So, let the Urine Therapy become your
First Choice
instead of making it the
Last Resort.