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Reality - Suffering - An opportunity to look beyond

Yes, your pain, your suffering – only you know how severe and real it is. Any kind of philosophy, sermon or concept will not help you to relieve that suffering. The pain will remain where it is. At this moment of pain, there are two options open to you: one is just to give up and keep on suffering, the other possibility is to watch this suffering and look at it as a challenge, as an opportunity to discover your inner limitless power of healing.

It is thus for you to create this tremendous strength by waking up your dormant energy centers.
Mostly, all physical problems are the outcome of negative frustrations. On this path you will be exploring the possibility of letting the body start working naturally towards healing process.

The normal tendency of a human being is that if anything adverse happens it remains ingrained in our mind day in and day out. But we are always shy to acknowledge if any good thing happens to us. For example, it is a miracle to see and feel oneself alive when we wake up in the morning.

Remember the universe, the Nature never make mistakes. It has its own plan for every pain and obstacle in the process of evolution. We are not in the know of this plan and make the mistake of resisting what is happening. Since our thoughts are the blueprints of life within ourselves, every sincere prayer is answered.