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Urine Therapy
as a powerful & potential
self-healing process
* Try following Naturopathy or Ayurvedic by avoiding Allopathy.
* Early morning, between 5 & 6 a.m. first urine should be drunk completely. After that sit for at least half an hour in Meditation/Pranayama. Later on drink minimum 2-3 glasses of water prior going to the toilet.
* Although one can drink urine one hour after lunch and one hour after dinner, but drinking the first early morning urine, once a day is enough to maintain resistance against any disease.

*One of the morning urine should be kept in a sterilized glass jar for at least 5 to 8 days.
*The whole body should be massaged gently.
*One hour after the massage one can have a bath with lukewarm water without soap.
*In general, for massage, the older urine is better. Nevertheless, even the first early morning urine can be used for massage.

Urine Packs:
*For urine packs, either the old urine or fresh early morning urine can be kept on the affected area, and the pack frequently should be moistened with urine as it gets dried.

Enema & Douche:
*For internal cleansing enema and douche with urine are recommended.

Cleansing of eyes with urine:
For eyes always use fresh urine. One should buy an eye cup from the chemist shop. Collect fresh urine and preserve it at least for 10 to 15 minutes to bring it down to room temperature. Take the eye cup, first wash with plain water and then wash it with the same fresh urine. Fill the cup upto the brim and put it against the eye. Try to blink while the eye cup is firmly kept on to the eye, for about one minute. Then bring down the eye cup discard the used urine, rinse the eye cup with the stored  fresh urine and repeat the same process on the other eye. Along with urine therapy the yogic exercises meant for eyes, should also be performed for better eye sight.

Getting rid of any ear ailment:
Collect the morning first urine in a dark colour dropper bottle with a lid. Old urine gets matured and becomes more effective. Take boiled hot water in a cup and keep this bottle having urine in it till the contents of the bottle gets warm. Bend your head 90 degree sideway and pour a few drops into one ear. Bring the head back in a normal position. Take a tissue and dab it inside the ear to soak the extra urine. Repeat this process with the other ear.

* For chronic diseases one may need fasting as per one's own ability to fast.
* To break the fast the patient should have either plain fruit juice or vegetable soup
moong dal soup before taking any solid foods.

*Be vegetarian. Eat more of fruits, vegetables and salads.
*Stick to home cooked light diet, preferably
with less salt.

* NO pickles, red chilies, deep-fried and factory foods like biscuits and bread etc.