You are the source of your healing power

There are two most important factors influencing our health:
One must enjoy and appreciate the food one eats. It is fortunate to have sound and natural sleep. Right from the time when we wake up in the morning till we go to sleep, we pass through lot of emotional turmoil.
Number of times we get angry, agitated, exited, envious, fearful and what not. With the result there is great deal of damage occur to our nervous system.
Only at night when we are sleeping and taking rest our body starts working. During this sound sleep the body begins to repair this damage.
As the process of repair starts the body produces a number of valuable chemicals and minerals like vitamins, harmones, enzymes etc. which are absorbed by the body as per its ability and capability, where as the excess fluid is discharged as the first urine in the body.

It is this urine which has the maximum potential for healing. If it is recycled by dinking, the body doesnot have to exert to produce.
Moreover we get all the chemicals in their purest form made by nature.Thats why it is called

Water of Life, Living Water or Elixir of life.

This gift of Nature certainly is a holistic and sure cure which doesnot cost even a single Penny and hence the poorest of the poor can afford it. It motivates you to love your body and take responsibility for your own health.

You will discover freedom from fear.

You become a FREE person. It is most wonderful sterile water. You dont have to worry about thinking contaminated water anywhere.
Moreover your own urine is pure, filtered and much better than boiled water.